Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Time for some lack of sleep...

Well, playoff baseball has begun again and if there's one thing I can count on, it is that I will be exhausted at work for the next month. That being said, some observations after the first game:

--Derek Jeter is really freaking good.

--Jim Leyland is great and I like him, but starting your 4 starter in game 1 is about as retarded as retarded gets. I'm talking Corky from Life Goes On retarded. Why would you want your 4 starter to get two starts in a 5 game series??

--After Bobby Abreu scored last night in the third and was coming in the dugout and getting high fives, I'm pretty sure that Jaret Wright called him "Sweet Pea". Even if this is not true, Sweet Pea is a great nickname and I will be referring to Bobby as this for the rest of his career.

--The Yankees bullpen is not very good. This is not news, everyone knows this.

--Vernon Wells is the epitomy of boring on Baseball Tonight.

--While anything can happen in October, and you know that's true because it's what FOX keeps telling us, the Yankees just look so much better than anyone in the playoffs in either league. And if you saw the reactions of normally calm guys like Sweet Pea, Sheffield, and Giambi last night, you can just see that they want this so bad and their focus is there.

--Joe Buck represents everything that is wrong about sports...Tim McCarver is close. If you let Buke and I do the games, the playoffs would be a lot better.

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