Saturday, October 21, 2006


-LeBron is in town tonight to play the Hawks. I really wanted to go but then I realized I am not going to pay to go to a preseason basketball game. Especially when Scot Pollard will be playing a lot.

-I'm still trying to find some green pants to finish my Peter Griffin Halloween costume. I'm pretty sure that if I can pull this off, I will be a major hit at Hineygate next Saturday.

-Starbucks pretty much works as an enema.

-Is Scrubs cancelled? If not, when the hell is it coming back?

-You heard it hear first, the Redhawks win at Akron tonight and the Redskins will win in Indy tomorrow. Why do I think the Redskins can beat the Colts??? One reason. Every time people think Brunell should be benched, he plays an ungodly game to silence the critics...even if it's just for a week.

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