Saturday, October 07, 2006

Nice Series, Assholes...

Keep in mind, this is my blog and I can say what I want to say on it.

That was one hell of a pathetic last three days for my Yankees. Absolutely awful. As a Yankees fan, I don't believe that any team should ever beat "us". They have the best collection of players in the world and it always kills me when they get knocked out by a team that is completely inferior. I just hate it that my team is consistently good every year and the season is always ended by a flash in the pan team that, chances are, will not be over .500 next season while the Yankees are battling the 2007 fluke team. I'm not saying the Tigers are a fluke, and I congratulate them for the most part, but a LOT of career years have been had by the Monroe's, Thames's, Inge's, Todd Jones's, and Kenny fucking Rogers's on the team. Don't count out that next year.

That being said, the Tigers celebration OF A DIVISION SERIES WIN was a bit over the top. They still have 2 more series' to go before they have the chance to win ANYTHING!!! Look at this pic. They are carrying Jim Leyland off the field...why? There is still work to do. Back in '96 when the Yankees made their first run to the Series for the first time since '81, I don't remember seeing them douse each other with champagne after beating Texas in the LDS...but that didn't bother me. What REALLY bothered me was that fucking joke, Kenny Rogers, coming back to the field and spraying the fans with champagne. Are you fucking kidding me??? Maybe he was just so excited that he actually helped a team in October as opposed to walking in a series-ending run. I don't know, maybe it's just my frustrations pouring out of me toward the inadequacies of my own team, but one thing I know about my boys in stripes is that they always win with class. And for some reason I just think that the Tigers purposely showed them up tonight. But then again, Detroit and class aren't synonyms.

I hate the Tigers. I always have. I hate the fans that turned their back on them during their 119 loss season and now all of a sudden think they can talk shit to me. YOU CAN'T. I am a fucking Yankees fan and when it comes to them, I am not sportsmanlike. I will not say congratulations or tell you good luck. I am not a guy who wants the team that knocks my team out to win it all. I want them to lose and lose bad.

Eh, fuck it, the Redskins have the Giants tomorrow and make a statement to the rest of the NFC. I need to focus on that. Not to mention, I'm driving down to Oxford tomorrow after the aforementioned Skins game to watch Garrett Wolfe run for 450 yards vs. my lowly Redhawks.


bucknutwags said...

So far, every team that has won a Division Series has celebrated with champagne. As your boy A-Rod said, the Tigers just kicked your ass.

AJGerk said...

I know that you are not referring to me as a bandwagon fan, or one that wasn't there for them in 2003.