Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Biggest Day of the Year

Today is a massive day in the life of G$ as Time Warner visits the house today to hook up internet and more importantly, CABLE! It's been two fucking weeks since I've seen good tv and I'm tired of watching damn Wheel of Fortune. Hopefully Buke doesn't screw things up and we get hooked up by the time I get home from work.

Another dominating performance from G$ this week in the G$FL. Gridiron Maiden will surely repeat as champion this season.

I came back to work from my long vacation of doing nothing on Monday. My office is in a shithole neighborhood to say the least but at least the guys in the office seem pretty cool. Hopefully I don't get shot during my time at that branch.

Posts will be more frequent now as I know you are all pins and needles for me to post more.

1 comment:

Tart said...

I love cable. Can't wait to get home and watch some good shit. We wont have to watch DVD's when crap is on.