Tuesday, August 08, 2006

NFL Preview

The greatest sport in the world kicks off in less than a month and it's time for me to give my predictions.

NFC East: 1. Washington 2. Dallas 3. NY Giants 4. Philadelphia

NFC North: 1. Detroit 2. Chicago 3. Green Bay 4. Minnesota

NFC South: 1. Carolina 2. Tampa Bay 3. Atlanta 4. New Orleans

NFC West: 1. Seattle 2. Arizona 3. St. Louis 4. San Francisco

Wildcards-Dallas and Arizona

AFC East: 1. New England 2. Miami 3. NY Jets 4. Buffalo

AFC North: 1. Pittsburgh 2. Baltimore 3. Cincinnati 4. Cleveland

AFC South: 1. Indianapolis 2. Jacksonville 3. Houston 4. Tennessee

AFC West: 1. Kansas City 2. Denver 3. San Diego 4. Oakland

Wildcards-Denver and Baltimore

Divisional Playoffs: Carolina over Arizona and Dallas over Detroit...Baltimore over New England and Kansas City over Denver

Conference Semifinals: Washington over Dallas and Carolina over Seattle...Baltimore over Indianapolis and Pittsburgh over Kansas City

Conference Finals: Washington over Carolina and Baltimore over Pittsburgh

Super Bowl whatever 41 is in roman numerals: Washington over Baltimore. Joe Gibbs wins his 4th and then rides off into the sunset.

NFL MVP-Larry Johnson, Coach of the Year: Rod Marinelli, Offensive Rookie of the year: Reggie Bush, Defensive Rookie of the Year: Ernie Sims.

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bucknutwags said...

Did you cry yourself to sleep with your Portis jersey on last night? Brian Calhoun might get drafted ahead of Portis this year.