Monday, August 21, 2006

It's baaaaaaaaaaaaack

Tonight marks the return of last year's breakout hit, Prison Break. Just ask FOX, they'll agree that it was great. Anyway, this show is tremendously awesome and always leaves me wanting more. Complete edge of your seat drama that thankfully featured very little man-on-man butt-loving last season. Well, the boys are out and on the run now which should lead to some A-Team-style missed gun shots and a lot of sweaty shirts from the "cons".

It will be interesting to see how T-Bag can move around now that his hand is chopped off. Will Abruzzi ditch the crappy Volkswagen german rapper ads to be a Russian mob boss again? Will Sucre continue to call his broad, Mommy? Will Haywire still be riding that kid's bike with a helmet on? Will Tweener get his comeupance for slicing off Avocado's pecker? Will Lincoln do something about the constant wrinkles on his head? Will Bellick still be living with his mom? All this and more tonight...ON FOX!!!

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