Monday, August 28, 2006

Congratulations Oakland Raiders!!!

A lot of smack was run toward the New York Jets yesterday at the G$FL Draft about being the worst team in the league...along with Buffalo and anyone that has to face Lions Defense. Well welcome to the top, Oakland Raiders. With your disregard to logic and common sense, you now vault to the worst team, and biggest joke, in the NFL. I'm sure Jeff George will give Raider Nation many years of quality play. What did those very loyal fans do to deserve Jeff fucking George??? Aaron Brooks sucks giant balls but I don't even think he is sweating having Jeff f'n George behind him on the depth chart.

By the way, my draft was incredible. People did dumb things, I was not one of them. A post on that will come soon but I'm hoping that I get to move in the next day or two. Two words though: RON DAYNE.

Redhawk Football 2006: More Cowbell begins in 2 days.

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