Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cleveland's Last Stand

Man, I got pretty lucky and had a bitchin' time on my last night in C-Town. A veritable Who's Who of people that have left Enterprise showed up. Anyway, good times were had, I called it, the whole "douche bag gene sleeping on my futon" was told twice as well as the Latko quitting 3 times in two weeks while receiving a promotion after the second quit. Insane story. Anyway, we decide to go bowling (fuck yeah) and I didn't realize until yesterday how drunk I was at that point. I had a 154 and a 165 (also a 104). Anyway, there is one thing you need to know...anyone that has ever worked for Enterprise is a degenerate gambler. There was easily 200 bucks on the table for the final game of keggling. It was also decided before the last game that we were going to a strip club...fair enough. So at like midnight, BC, Latko, Felberg and I head to Scarlett's in Twinsburg. It is owned by the same people that own the Scarlett's in Toledo which for my money is the world's greatest strip joint. This one is new and not nearly as great. Anywho, it wasn't packed at all so all these whores are talking to the 4 of us and we have a charismatic crew so they stick around without harrassing us for a dance or some shit. I'm talking to this whore and start berating her because she doesn't dance to any Motley Crue. Here's a random sample of my tirade: "How can you not dance to the Crue? Every song is worthy of a lap dance. I've been here for an hour and haven't heard Girls, Girls, Girls once!!!" Somehow, we got a private booth, which is nothing special except it's a giant couch. One of BC's friends bought a $75 bottle of Moet, he went to get a lap dance, and when he came back we had drank it all. It was sweet. The three of them bought me a lapdance which was nice of them but not a very good dance. But since I think they paid her in Lydell Ross money, I'm sure she didn't really care. Got home at 3:30, don't really remember how, must have been a good night.

G$FL Draft is tomorrow...pumped.

I'm still homeless.

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