Monday, August 14, 2006

Buke's Theorem of Whitetrashness

Alright, the other weekend Buke was drunkenly telling me tell-tale signs of the white trash. I guess you could call him the Jeff Foxworthy of extreme redheads.

1. White trash drink Mountain Dew. I find this one hilarious and for the most part true. It doesn't mean that normal people that drink Mountain Dew, or Mountain Too if you're at Frosty Boy, are rednecks. But ALL white trash drink Mountain Dew...even the diabetics. So chances are that if you see a guy with a cut-off t-shirt on and he's not holding a beer, he's probably holding a Dew.
2. White trash pay in cash. This is probably very true of hilljacks as they more than likely don't believe in banks and use a Folgers can as a deposit box.

I also have a few of my own that I thought of this week.

1. White trash drive Monte Carlo's. This is a straight line issue for me. If you drive a Monte Carlo, YOU ARE WHITE TRASH.
2. If you care about Hemi's, you are white trash. No one in their right man gives a shit about hemi's and the commercials suck too. Hemi's are marketed to those two drive-thru losers in those commercials justifying the white trashness of the product.

Hell's Kitchen finale tonight. There's a nice little preview of it on Drew's Blog that you can find the link to on the left. And we are one week away from the return of PRISON BREAK!!!

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