Monday, July 24, 2006


1. Alex Rodriguez sucks donkey balls. Quit being a little bitch, man up, and get over your faggy problems.

2. Tiger Rules. I predicted his win and the background stories with he and Chris DiMarco were very touching. Although it was awkward to see his caddy, Steve, try to pull away from Tiger during their hug...TWICE.

3. Give it up to Peter Aliss for saying that Tiger's patience could be due to his "oriental" background. Yeah, that's not offensive at all. They're called "Chinamen." HA!

4. Entourage was stupid last night. Give up the E/threesome angle, it's played out. Give me more Drama with Lloyd as his agent...that's just good stuff. Ari's wife is freakin' smoking though.

5. Deadwood is really starting to move up my list of favorite tv shows. I learn more every week and Ian McShane is an amazing actor that says "fuck" in every sentence.

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