Sunday, July 23, 2006

Post-weekend thoughts

Just got back from Columbus where the beginning of the move process has been initiated. Got good word from Tart that we may have a condo in Hilliard. Great news.

Also found out from Buke that we DO have a place to stay at Put-In-Bay next weekend...thank God, as I thought I would be sleeping on a boat dock with leeches all over my creamy, pale self.

Gabi and I ate at The Cheesecake Factory last night...incredible.

Bought the book Kiss: Behind the Mask last night which I'm sure will be a tremendous read...and it was only 6 bucks. Nothing like reading about Gene Simmons' sexcapades.

Entourage is on tonight which leads me to a quote from Johnny Drama last week that is still making me laugh.
"E, when opportunity knocks, you let her the fuck in. And for God's sake, let her go down on your girlfriend."

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Tart said...

The ball is rolling on the place I will keep you updated