Sunday, July 30, 2006

The King of the Look-a-likes

Just got back from Put-In-Bay, great night, Wally and the Beavs ruled, The Menus sucked. I ran into my uncle at the Jet Express line which was definitely a shocker. No stories, sorry, everything stays on the island. One thing for sure is that my "that guy looks like" was top notch. Saw a guy that looked like Bernie Lomax from Weekend at Bernies and a shoe-in twin of Jim Furyk. Buke blacked out and lost his phone and his sense of direction. Swihart was loaded, good times.

Bobby Abreu is a Yankee now. I can work with that.

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Tart said...

Kristen called me and let me know what happened between the hours of 1 am and when I got back to the room. Wow I really was a drunken fool.