Friday, July 28, 2006

Drunken Nonsense or Lesser Known Superheroes?

So at work today I had an interesting exchange with Dan the Progressive claims services rep. Dan and I have the same kind of sense of humor and he's big metalhead as his favorite band is, and I'm not making this up, Anal Cunt.

Dan: You've got two returns out there, Mike Lamboy and Dale Utterback.

Me: Lamboy and Utterback?

Dan: Yeah.

Me: Lamb Boy and Utter Back...that sounds like the shittiest crime-fighting duo ever.

Dan: They protect and serve petting zoos.

Many laughs were shared over this bit of immaturity. Dan even drew a picture of what these two would look like, a walking young lamb and a guy with utters on his back...priceless.

But anyway, it got me thinking of senior year Spring Break in South Carolina when Jeremy "Thee Assbag" Galante and I drunkenly came up with our own tv show. Pictured above is the world famous Commander Zodiac of Hilton Head, SC. We were walking by his business, which I guess is boat tours, and came up with this most interesting premise for a buddy comedy. Mr. Fin, the talking dolphin pictured above, and Commander Zodiac would "run into each other accidentally" every week where a surly Zodiac would receive help with all of life's problems from the ever so wise, yet sarcastic, Mr. Fin. It would be great, I think Mr. Fin has a British accent too, and Zodiac is half-drunk every episode. I'm not sure if the people on the boat could hear the dolphin talk or if it was just the Commander. Either way, this story is best read never. I'm not quite sure why this was posted. Go fuck yourself, Put-In-Bay tomorrow.

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